Weirdest Hotels in the World

Weird Hotel
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If you think a room without a minibar or a pool with a diving board are strange to find in a hotel, then you haven’t opened your mind wide enough. All around the world are hotels designed to leave their visitors in shock and awe, some like science fiction, and others that just make you question if you’re dreaming.

Accommodations of a hotel are typically designed to meet the needs of their guests, and if you’re a daring guest then you might like the Mirrorcube in Sweden, or any of the other examples provided in this article. The word typical doesn’t apply nearly as closely as the words quirky, adventurous, and intrepid.

The Mirrorcube

Located in Harads, Sweden, your room is a cubic aluminum box suspended on a tree trunk that fits two guests and included a double bed, bathroom, living room, and even a terrace on the roof. You access your cabin by a rope bridge connected to the next tree. It’s camouflaged within the trees and provides its guests with a 360 degree view around them.


If you’re ever in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, you can stay in the world’s largest hotel made of ice and snow, where most of the furniture, including the bes, is also made of snow and ice, and it stays at a temperature of around minus 5 degrees Celsius. Since the whole thing melts every year, a team of architects rebuilds it each November.

Dog Bark Park Inn

Found in Cottonwood, Idaho, it’s a Bed and Breakfast with a beagle theme that sleeps up to four people inside a 30-foot tall giant beagle. The large beagle room is made of wood and stucco with large ears made of carpet flaps. Guest enter through a balcony, and the loft bedroom is located in the beagle’s head. The toilet is in the beagle’s nose and looks like a fir hydrant.

Sandcastle Hotel

Found in Weymouth in the United Kingdom, it was a seaside resort made of 1,100 tons of sand, built in 2008 and held up until it was hit by the next big rainstorm. It took them seven 14-hour days to construct it, and for about 15 dollars a night, a guest could sleep with a starry view at night and wake to the ocean tide coming up to their front door. It meant sand in your bathing suit and no indoor toilets.

Godiva Chocolate Suite

In you find yourself in New York City, NY and you have a sweet tooth, then you might want to check this suite out, with lamps, walls, and furniture made entirely out of chocolate. All edible, this room was designed for a guest to eat during their stay.

These five hotels examples ought to make the basket of apples and hot chocolate packets at the front desk of any normal hotel lose some of their shock value. So wherever you go around the world, if you’ve got an adventurous spirit, you can enjoy the weird and wonderful for a night or get a certificate 2 in hospitality and get a job at one!

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