Unique Activities to Undertake in Hawaii

If you are planning on going on a holiday, with Hawaii as your destination, then your current itinerary may look a little something like this: visit the beach; go to a luau; swim in the sea; walk among the volcanoes; soak up the sun; go snorkelling amongst the coral; visit the beach some more. But there is more to the Aloha State than this – a lot more!


Yes, the beaches are incredible, and yes, there is a wide range of more traditional activities available, like scuba diving, fine dining and lots of museums, but if you really want to make your vacation memorable, you have to do something a bit… different. Here are some of our favourite one of a kind activities that Hawaii has to offer.

“I’d Like to Be, Under the Sea…”
Something truly fantastical is available at Kona, Maui and Waikiki Beach – a submarine tour! No, we are not making this up; you can actually take a trip in a submarine and see what life is like a hundred feet under the sea!

You will come close enough to touch the wonderfully coloured coral reefs, teeming with fascinating marine creatures like the lion fish and the Hawksbill turtle; two creatures which are common in Hawaii, the latter of which is endangered. You can also see humpback whales, black tip reef sharks and Hawaii’s state fish, the (take a deep breath) humuhumunukunukuapua’a, also known as reef triggerfish.

You will be down there for about ninety minutes, and can even pair it up with a sunset cruise or a luau to make a truly unforgettable day in Hawaii.

Head to the Dude Ranch

Yep, they’re really called dude ranches. Pop over to Hawai’i (the island, also known as the Big Island to avoid confusion) and visit the Dahana Dude Ranch for a day out with a difference. Not only will you learn about the history of Hawaii, but you will also get close to the land.

These ranches are run by the island cowboys, and you get the opportunity to ride alongside them as they go about their daily jobs. Don’t worry if you’re a newbie to the world of horse riding – the cowboys are experienced and will help you get to grips!

Take a pony trail around the island to see things from a different perspective.

Take to the Skies

Though it may have been difficult to find cheap airline tickets to Hawaii, while you’re there it’s easy to try a different type of flying – on a zip-line tour!

Zooming along the zip-line, you will be flying at high speeds, with the treetops of the island canopy zipping past beneath you. You’ll be seated into a harness and gravity will pull you – quickly! – to the far end of the line.
You can even go on a zip-line tour – these use a number of different lines, and often incorporate other activities, such as suspension bridge crossing and hiking, to create a memorable day for any thrill seeker!

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