Top things to see and do in Rome

Colosseum - Rome

Rome is one of the most famous cities in the world, not only because of being the capital city of Italy, but also because of its rich history. Travelling in Rome can be a great adventure that you can live to remember for the rest of your life because of the rich sites and multitude of things that you can do during your travel to the city. Below are the top things to see and do in Rome.

Borghese Gallery
This is one of the most famous art museums in the world, because of its beautiful art and elegant setting. The museum contains sculptures that are just mind blowing and beautiful gardens that are a pleasure to walk through.

Piazza Navona
This is another favorite place that has an oval shape owed from ancient roman ruins. By visiting the site you get to see the Circus Domitianus where races were held in the ancient times are found under the buildings. During your visit you can decide to buy truffle ice cream that has its own uniqueness compared to other ice creams.

When you visit Rome you can also visit Pantheon which is one of the best preserved buildings from the ancient Roman times. You get to enjoy the rich history and architectural feat that is the domed ceiling.

The Colosseum
Your visit in Rome wont be complete if you do not visit the Colosseum; which is another well preserved place build between 70AD and 80AD. This is a place where animal hunts and gladiator contests used to be held. You get to see many arches that contain statutes of gladiator figures.

When you arrive in Rome it is advisable to take a hop on-hop off bus tour in order to get lay of the city. This will also help you get photos of the city more easily. You can also walk up to Gianicolo hill and get to listen to cannon that fires every single day at midday and has done so from the time that the war for Rome was won in this place. During the day you can you spend your time to explore the EUR zone of Rome and experience the rich architecture found in the city. Learn the Italian deep culture in the different places you visit to make the travel more educational and enjoyable. You can also hire a bike and enjoy cycling along the Tibet River to make your travel more enjoyable. For more info here are some ideas to going out in Rome.

How staying in apartments in Rome is a good alternative to staying in hotels
During your visit to Rome is advisable to stay in apartments instead of hotels. Apartments in Rome are cheaper compared to hotels, thus helping you save a lot of money in your travel. Apartments are also more convenient when you are travelling as a group because they can accommodate a higher number of people, but hotels only allow two to four people per room. Most of the Apartments in Rome are build near attraction sites, thus making it convenient for you to travel and reducing the cost expenses. The apartments are also fully furnished with living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and other facilities making them efficient for your stay. Search for the best apartments in Rome here.

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