Things to do in Parga – Greece

Parga is a beautiful small town situated on the northwestern coast of Greece. Mountains with olive groves are the specialty of this town. The nature of Parga Greece is wonderful. Golden beaches, green olive and orange trees, flowers, etc make this town the most beautiful one.


Parga is a very quiet and relaxing place. it is ideal for those who want to relax and have a party alike. Tourists can make trips to the nearby islands like Paxos and Antipaxos. Spending time in Corfu, the big island in Parga, is also highly rejuvenating.

Parga is a highly enjoyable tourist destination with lots of small and big hotels. You need not worry about your accommodation in Parga as you can find cheap hotel deals before you go.

Beaches of Parga

Thousands of tourists from all over the world are attracted to Parga during summers because of its beautiful beaches. Calm and warm water is the major attraction for swimmers. You can also engage in lots of sea sports and games. Some of the most beautiful beaches of Parga are Valtos, Lichnos, Piso Kryoneri, Kryoneri, Sarakiniko, etc. The other beaches in Parga are also very beautiful.

Lichnos Beach is the most famous and attractive beach in Parga. Located 4 kms away from Parga, it has a beautiful green landscape. Green mountains around the beach, blue and crystal waters, olive groves, etc are the other specialties of this beach. Visitors can engage in various activities like water skiing, wind surfing, jet skiing, fishing, diving, sea gliding, etc. There are also lots of hotel complexes around this beach.

Krioneri, the main beach of Parga, is located a few meters away from the center. There is a small island in this beach, it is called Virgin Mary. You can reach to this place either by swimming or by sea bike.

Weather in Parga Greece

There is a typical Mediterranean climate in Parga. Mild winters and hot dry long summers are the peculiarity of this place. Mostly, tourists visit Parga during summers. Summer in Parga starts in May and it lasts till October. However, July and August are the hottest months. During this time, the temperature reaches a minimum 25C in a day. You can enjoy the weather in Parga with warm clothes because of warm climate. Very rarely, the temperature rises up to 40C.

You can also visit this place in early autumn. If you want to avoid crowd, this is the best time. You can also engage in lots of activities with best price in early autumn. Days will be sunny during October as well. There will be heavy rain in Parga in late October and November. May is the best time for visiting Parga.

Though small, Parga is a nice town. You can visit lots of ancient mystical places and historical sites in this town. Besides, the town is also known for delicious traditional foods of Mediterranean cuisine. The surrounding areas of parga are also highly attractive. Shops, discos, entertainment venues, taverns, bars, restaurants, etc are the other major attractions in this town. Parga Greece became a tourist destination in 1962.

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