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Sooner or later every couple gets to a point when the partner’s name no longer causes butterflies in a stomach and a message from the beloved one doesn’t start an emotional roller-coaster. You spend more and more time on reminiscing about your past, when you used to live each day to the fullest, like there were no tomorrow. Your thoughts go back to times when just a touch of his hand or exchange of glances would set your senses on fire faster than any erotic gadget available on the earth. Evenings and mornings full of passion, days and nights of amazing love making in various positions and settings are now replaced with repeatability and routine, or even boredom? And your disappointed self is stuck in “it wasn’t supposed to be like that” mode; you are convinced that you of all couples were to share the eternal flames of desire. Your enthusiasm is diminishing and you wonder what’s ahead of you? Stop right now. Probably you became slaves to routine, but you are still in charge of your lives. You can act before this enemy puts down its roots in your bedroom. It doesn’t take much effort to make your relationship as passionate as before. You can even make it better! Here are three easy steps that lead to satisfying erotic life with emotions reaching the zenith. Ready, steady,… go!

Step 1: break your pattern

Do you usually have sex in your bedroom, in the evening with dimmed lights and Barry White softly singing in the background? It sounds romantic and lovely, but yet repeatable and a bit boring, doesn’t it? As soon as you feel that your erotic life is driving steadily at any set scenario, don’t waste your time and act. It doesn’t take much to surprise your partner with new and refreshing proposal. Don’t wait until the evening, when you’re both tired after the whole day of errands and having sex is just one more item on your to-do-list. Do you like surprises? I am sure your partner likes them as much as you, or even more. Choose any time of a day, wear sexy lingerie, put plenty of lights on, play some energetic music and… just make sure you are not in your bedroom. If you like to feel an extra thrill, don’t draw the curtains down. Maybe your neighbors will enjoy a little show. This can be quite stimulating for you, because a fear of being caught red handed is one of the most exciting factors in our lives. Let yourselves be crazy and spontaneous and the effects can really blow your minds. It is good to go with the flow sometimes. So act on it.

Step 2: sexy lingerie without a reason

When you think about sexy lingerie, are you planning on buying it for Valentine’s Day, Xmas, anniversary or birthday? If you always wait for a special occasion – stop. We have a little tip for you: if sex is one of elements that build a happy and long lasting relationship, it is beyond any doubt that having sex only on special occasions is out of question. Every single day brings a new chance to make your erotic life more adventurous; you just need to rethink your routine approach to sexy lingerie. If you switch your mindset to “no / any occasion is a good occasion”, routine will be just a word in a dictionary. You can choose from rich selection of babydolls that come in sensual black, delicate white or spicy red and sexy bodystockings that show off the best in female bodies. For men nothing is as stimulating as diversity, while women seek volatility and flirt; if you combine these features with laces and nudity, you’ll take your love making to a whole new level. You can be on top of the world not only on Valentine’s Day. Program yourself to having passionate sex every day, not once in a blue moon and buy sexy lingerie whenever you feel like it, for example here at Change your approach and boring routine will disappear with the wind.

Step 3: a message with concealed meaning

It seems that yet another day will go as usual and you have no plan for making it extraordinary? Unleash your imagination and a daily routine may be swept away by ecstasy. Start your morning with an erotic play. Leave your partner a sexy note with a promise of an extremely hot evening and build emotional strain throughout the day by sending naughty instant messages or texting him. Short message with a photo of you in sexy lingerie waiting at home will make him hurry back to you. Make sure that when he enters the house, he can find tips guiding him straight to the place where you await his arrival. You are in charge, you lead the way and it is up to you how this game ends. But who knows, maybe messages you sent during the day caused your partner to write his own scenario for the evening and he will surprise you with some passionate action on his own? Everything is possible so… have you already sent this SMS?

Sex doesn’t like routine, but you don’t have to spend fortune on expensive trips to get away from everyday life. It takes as little as some imagination, open mind, brave soul and original ideas to create a happy and satisfying erotic life. And how you make it happen, depends solely on you.

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