Geneva Attractions You Simply Can’t Miss!

As one of the greatest cities in the world, Geneva is packed full of history and culture, so if you’re looking for a family trip with a difference this year, the capital city of Switzerland is the place for you! There’s so much to see and do in Geneva that you won’t know where to start, and because the local people are so friendly, it’s like a home away from home for some people.

Jet d'Eau, Geneva - Switzerland

People usually think of Geneva as a business city, with men in suits jetting in and out to complete big financial deals. In many respects, Geneva is a very important financial centre for Europe, but it’s go so much more to offer than corporate offices and company headquarters! Let’s take a look at some of the best attractions you simply can’t miss in Geneva this year.

Geneva Parks

Geneva is a beautiful city, and the stunning urban landscape is a place to be explored if you’re holidaying here this year. One of the best things about Geneva, especially if you’re travelling with the kids, are the parks. Not only are they huge, but they’re also directly funded by the government, meaning they’re kept in tip-top condition.

On a summer’s day, a stroll through one of Geneva’s many parks is the perfect way to spend time with the family, and there are many great monuments and attractions inside too. From funfairs to water features, sand pits to adventure playgrounds, your children will love playing the Geneva parks, and why not make a day of it by bringing a picnic!

English Garden is one of the most popular parks for tourists, as it offers a great view of the city and the surrounding mountains. It can be found in Quai Gustave-Ador, right near the iconic Jet d’Eau attraction. Home to the famous ‘flower clock’, the largest of its kind in the world, this park also offers a variety of beautiful statues and flower gardens. Then there’s Bastions Park, located near Place Neuve. This used to be a botanical garden, however now it is a vibrant and ‘hip’ place to hang out, with huge chessboards and some great places to have a picnic.

St Peter’s Cathedral

Check out if you fancy seeing an ancient cathedral: this is certainly one of the most iconic and outstanding features of Geneva, and some of the artefacts found beneath the cathedral have even dated back to 350 AD! Not only is the cathedral the oldest structure in the city, but it also took over 400 years to complete. Over the years it has seen a number of makeovers and renovations, and if you make your way up to the north tower, the views of the city are quite spectacular.

The Old Town

If you’re looking for a historical exploration like no other, they you simply must visit the old town in Geneva. It used to be a Roman market place, and much of the old cobbled street remains intact. It’s the oldest public place in Geneva, and it has been the home of a number of historic milestones, like the founding of the League of Nations in 1920, and the first convening of the Geneva Convention in 1864!

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