British expats abroad

British Expats

If you travel around the world often enough you soon notice that there always seems to be a British accent in the crown somewhere. Not only do Brits travel far and wide but there is also a large percentage of the population that have expatriated to other lands. The good people at CurrencyFair have been […] Read more »

High Pressure at High Altitude: How Air Travel Overcharges Online, and How to Avoid the Worst


Passenger air travel began as early as the middle of the nineteenth century, with pioneers convincing passengers that the best way to pass the 3,000 miles between New York and California was by airship. In the 150 years since those earliest attempts, commercial air travel left behind lighter-than-air flight, criss-crossed the world, entered the jet […] Read more »

Why you should combine California and Costa Rica on a backpacking break

If you’ve chosen to go on a backpacking trip around the USA, there’s no reason why you cannot also venture into Central America. Should you be lucky enough to have plenty of time on your hands, I think this kind of holiday sounds amazing! The west coast is a popular part of the country to travel around, […] Read more »