Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is also the largest city in the country. Bangkok is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in Asia and has a population of around 11 million. It is widely known as Bangkok’s political, spiritual and cultural hub. The city is huge in terms of space and population. It is also known as a traveler friendly city with bustling commercial and political centers located around the various districts dividing the city.

Royal Pantheon - Bangkok


Bangkok has a tropical climate and rain lashes the city quite frequently. Due to the humidity, the city remains hot and humid most of the time. Foreign visitors would be well advised to book a hotel with around the clock air conditioning as the summers can be extremely hot. The city is often covered with haze contributed by the weather and the air pollution generated by the hundreds of vehicles. The people of Bangkok are known for their hospitality and that is why, despite the climate issue, thousands of visitors throng to the various attractions of the city.

Getting Here

Most of the visitors arrive in the city through the Suvarnabhumi Airport, as it has now become the busiest airport of the country. The airport offers all the international airport facilities like travelers lounge, internet and telephone services etc. From the airport, most of the people use taxis to move to their destinations around the city. Metered taxis are also available for cheap traveling around the city.

Moving Around

Inside the city, the travel options are huge for a first time traveler. Public bus transport system is available in the city and is a cheap option for moving around. You can also move around in private cars but be aware that the traffic in Bangkok is quite hectic and messy. In order to ease the traffic congestion, Bangkok has recently introduced the sky train. The sky train covers most of the downtown Bangkok areas and towns, and gives you some relief from the traffic congestion. Bangkok also has the metro which can be used in place of the sky train. Boat rides around the city are also very common and will take you to various points around the city in least possible time. Tuk Tuk is also a very common transport means around the city.

Major Attractions

Some of the major attractions of the city include a visit to the old city areas. You can visit various temples of Bangkok; the most famous being Grand Palace, which is one of the biggest in the city according to its size. Wat pho is also a must visit temple, which houses largest reclining image of Buddha. Other temples include the Golden Mount and Wat Rajnadda. You can also visit the various museums in the city which gives an insight into the cities past and history. You can visit the National Museum and the Museum of Siam in order to relive some history of the city. Lumpini Park is one of the largest parks in the city and can be visited in order to get away from the congestion of the city.


Bangkok is famous for its Thai cuisine. Food is relatively expensive in the city and it is of high international standard. You will also find top class international cuisine in the city which will surely add to the flavor of the foods. Phad Thai, Northeastern Thai, Ya Dong and bugs are some of Bangkok traditional food items. Dinner cruises are also quite famous among visitors, and eating while on boat ride in Chao Phraya is one of the experiences that should not be missed.

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