10 tips to plan your Miami trip

Going on a vacation is a great way to re-vitalize, rejuvenate, and most importantly, to have fun with friends and relatives. If you want to experience a memorable escapade, Miami is definitely an exciting place to visit, especially for those who love to go to the beach, party, and hangout. Here we offer 10 tips to plan your Miami trip.

10 tips to plan your Miami trip

Choose the best time to visit Miami

The best time to visit Miami is spring. During the season, you’ll experience the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze in the beach. There’s a minimal chances to rain and the temperature is averaging 70 degrees, excellent for beach and watersports weather.

Enjoy beaches and cocktails

When the sun sets in Miami, the fun has only just begun. Miami is filled with a wide selection of local hot spots where you can enjoy drinks, cocktails, exotic Martinis, and experience happy hour fun throughout the night. Go visit the some of the best hotel bars, midtown and downtown lounges, and casual cocktails scattered around the city.

Stay in an apartment rather than a hotel

There are a lot of reasons why you should rather stay in an apartment than a hotel, especially when you’re planning a long vacation. Staying in a hotel is very expensive whereas staying in an apartment in Miami could easily fit to your budget. There are no extra fees to be paid and the service is very much personalized, from booking to checkout and beyond.

Riviera Suites
[Photo Credit: http://www.localnomad.com/en/riviera-suites-miami-beach.html. View more photos of apartments at LocalNomad.]

Visit Miami Downtown

Miami downtown is filled with everything you need, including commercial, cultural and leisure. It is also filled with plenty of shopping areas, restaurants, and great places where you can hangout. A popular destination in downtown Miami is the innovative skyscraper lines and the iconic skyline.

Take a walk in Little Havana

The Little Havana is a neighborhood in downtown Miami where you can visit six local restaurants that feature classic Cuban dishes, learn about the local history and culture, experience local pastimes, listen to music, and explore other special places.

Go out in the Art Deco District

Miami’s art deco district is comprised of vibrant neighborhoods, scenic walking area, historic places, and marvelous architectural buildings. Here you can get an amazing city walk sightseeing, group tours or walking tours with family or friends. You can also take a stroll along the popular Ocean Drive for the best cafes, bars, hotels and other great places for a walk.

Discover Everglades National Park

The everglades offer tourists with a spectacle of numerous animals, varying from alligators, manatees, birds, and egrets. The park also features slough slogs, cypress domes, mangroves forests, and other historic trail sites.

Enjoy Miami’s cultural offers

Delight in some of the best cultural sites that Miami has to offer, including museums, historic sites, and art galleries. Miami has a lot of places where you can enjoy dance performances, theaters, live music and film, and Miami’s finest art and culture presentations.

Go Scuba Diving

Want to go scuba diving and snorkeling? Miami offers the best scuba diving spots in the country. Enjoy the ocean and see it from the deep along with some of the most professional instructors, guides, and beach divers.

Plan your trips

To enjoy the best of Miami, you need to plan your trips ahead of time. Book your reservation in advance and make plans where you’ll stay throughout your vacation.

Miami is a wonderful place to visit. If you want to experience a wonderful vacation of a lifetime, Miami will definitely satisfy your cravings for adventure, fun, and total awesomeness.

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